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Lorenz Ambassador at the University of Economics in Poznań

I am a fourth-year student in Management, leading courses Commerce and Marketing at the University of Economics in Poznań.

Since I was a child I was a real fan of Lorenz snacks, and in particular of Monster Munch and Curly. And during my study, on Career Days, I had the possibility to meet Lorenz personally for the first time. Among the stands of various employers I saw an exhibition with my favorite little Monsters and I just could not resist approaching the stand, chatting for a while and finding out more about the company.


Why did you decide to take the function of an Ambassador?   

In the chat during Career Days it turned out, that Lorenz runs traineeship and internship programs – I was very interested in it. Unfortunately it was too soon for me to get a trainee, but then I heard that Lorenz will look for its Ambassadors on universities. That was something for me! I applied straightaway!

It turned out, that getting the position of the Ambassador is not a piece of cake. First there was an interview, where I presented my vision and my ideas for concrete actions. In this meeting Lorenz and myself could learn our expectations and develop the collaboration rules. I felt then, that I could be a true team member and I could have a real impact on its work!

What are the advantages of being an Ambassador for yourself?       
A huge benefit is the possibility to have an insight into the work of a big production and distribution company. Seeing live what is the way that a potato covers, beginning at a farm and ending in a pack of Crunchips, or visiting shops together with a Sales Representative – this is a great chance to confront your academic knowledge with the real business. Such an experience is invaluable for everyone who is pondering his or her future vocational career. And in addition, the activities of an Ambassador include accomplishing actual tasks for the company. What distinguishes the Lorenz Ambassador program from other companies’ programs is the fact that Lorenz is open to my own ideas and that we develop the best solutions together. And last but not least – I can have an easier access to my favorite snacks!

What does the Lorenz Ambassador role include? 
My task is to be a connection link between students of the University of Economics in Poznań and Lorenz. It is not just about being visible for other students and wearing a Lorenz t-shirt. I am responsible for informing my fellow students about internships, traineeships and interesting events, for answering their questions and collecting opinions and ideas to be utilized in the future. I had also the opportunity to stand on the other side of the counter desk during Job Fairs, where I could talk to students as a student representative and share my experiences regarding my cooperation with Lorenz.

What was the most interesting task that you accomplished as Lorenz Ambassador until now?

The most interesting and most challenging task at the same time is still to perform. We are preparing The Lorenz Days at the University of Economics. I will be responsible for organizing two workshops for students in interpersonal and expert skills. To make it all work properly I have to coordinate the activities on my university's side, on the side of the company and students organizations. I hope that every student will find something interesting for himself. Keep your fingers crossed!

How can one contact you?      
On weekdays at the university – just look for the Lorenz shirt. If you have any questions e-mail me, I promise to respond: