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In the beginning was the idea … and it is precisely in our department where ideas are born how to best meet our consumers’ needs.

Which product will be most suitable for a particular target group? Which taste will be of their interest? How should the packaging look like? And finally, what promotional campaign will be best suited to reach our consumers. We answer these questions every day.

  • We are constantly monitoring the consumers’ changing preferences and expectations
  • We develop concepts for new products and promotional campaigns
  • Together with the Technology and Product Development Department, we give the new products a real shape and taste
  • We analyse the profitability of marketing activities and plan the sales volume
  • We design packaging and advertising materials
  • We conduct actions in the media (tv, radio, Internet)

Thanks to our activities, our products are well-known and have a vast circle of loyal fans.



We offer our customers new products, promotions and support in creating professional displays dedicated to every shop size.

We provide service to customers in a breakdown into two main distribution channels

  • The traditional channel offers products to individual and wholesale customers, as well as  local trade chains. It carries out contracts and promotions in big trade chain stores 
  • The modern channel is responsible for negotiating contracts and building business relations with national trade chains

Sales could not function without appropriate support:

  • Trade Marketing and Category Management Team organise promotions, provide advertising and display materials and help the customers to manage products in shop shelves
  • Sales Support Office – provides data and analyses, plans sales and provides ongoing support to salesmen in their daily work



In Stanowice near Wrocław, in the Lorenz production plant, simple potatoes become delicious crisps, materialise themselves into Monster ghosts and many other products take their final form that is known from shop shelves.

The production plant functions like a well-lubricated mechanism where:

  • We develop and test new products before they go to mass production
  • We contract deliveries of potatoes – our basic raw material - and we co-operate with farmers who grow them for us
  • Our snacks come into being on modern production lines
  • We work in a shift system to maximally exploit the capacity of our technological lines
  • We constantly supervise our production lines to ensure the necessary maintenance, repairs and the planned overhauls
  • We ensure safety and the highest quality standards of our products
  • We deliver our finished products to the Central Warehouse and from this place they go to regional warehouses, customers and foreign Lorenz companies



Is a very important link on the path of our products from the moment they leave the production line to the moment they are available in the shop. Our distribution network consists of the central warehouse and regional warehouses located throughout the whole country.

Every day, our products leave the warehouse to  reach the hands of our sales representatives or directly our customers. The scale of these measures is illustrated by the number of 1 000 000 pallets a year, going through various warehouses and transported by cars to different places in Poland and abroad. Logistics in Lorenz is not only managing of the warehouses and transport. It is also coordinating of the flow of goods between the warehouses, preparation of deliveries to be made abroad and carrying them out – to other companies or foreign customers. And all this while keeping optimum logistics costs.



Every, even the smallest, company’s activity is connected with money. Costs, revenues, interests, charges, leasing fees, taxes, loans, international transactions – that is where money appears.

How to make head or tail of all this…? How to find out whether a planned investment is going to be profitable, whether the conditions offered by the customers will guarantee an adequate margin? These and many other questions are answered daily by the Finance Department.

  • We make sure that the costs are adequately budgeted
  • We prepare analyses and reports
  • We contribute to developing sales and production plans
  • We analyse sales results
  • We maintain the desired liquidity of the company
  • We co-operate with banks and leasing institutions
  • We plan and monitor the investment from a financial perspective
  • We manage the company’s fleet
  • We provide legal support for Business 



We concentrate all planning processes of our company in one place. Starting with sales forecasting through production planning  and raw and auxiliary materials supplies, down to inventory and warehouse replenishment planning.

  • We co-ordinate many processes at the intersection of various departments
  • We react in non-standard situations and agree appropriate measures
  • We plan in a long-term perspective, taking the strategy into account
  • We respond flexibly to a changing market situation, adapting plans to the current needs
  • We manage stocks in all Lorenz warehouses



Employees are every company’s most valuable asset. How to get the right people? How to make them develop along with the company? How to support managers in their work with people? Answering these questions is the everyday of the HR Department but there is more to it. It is also implies new challenges and projects. The main task of HR is to support the business, which we realize by:

  • Recruitment
  • Employee Development
  • Building the image of Lorenz as an employer of choice
  • Co-creation and support in the implementation of performance management systems
  • Incentive systems
  • Internal communications
  • International projects



The Quality Department forms a bridge between the departments of production, product research and development, marketing and sales. It ensures safety and highest quality standards of our products and processes applied in the company.

Our employees make up a team of specialists with an extensive knowledge and many years of expertise, who

  • exercise a constant supervision over the production process, ensuring the highest quality and safety of our products.
  • supervise ongoing improvement of quality processes throughout the company.
  • analyse and respond to consumer complaints, supervise corrective measures.
  • approve suppliers from the quality and safety point of view.
  • carry out analyses of raw materials and finished products using most modern technologies and equipment.
  • co-operate with accredited laboratories located both in Poland and abroad.
  • ensure compliance with national and international standards ISO 9001, BRC i IFS.
  • train employees and constantly increase their own qualifications using the latest knowledge available.
  • contribute to implementing of new products and technological solutions.



There is no boredom and monotony in the Services – there is always something new going on!!! See for yourself. Join us and try your hand, you will not regret your decision – an everyday dose of knowledge and good atmosphere guaranteed!

Regardless of whether you work in the Accounting , IT or Administration  area, the most up-to-date solutions and systems are available everywhere.



Are you wondering if accounting is something for you? You don’t know, if you will find your feet among invoices, accounts, balances and taxes? If you decide to join us, we guarantee a great adventure! Accounting operates in three main areas:

  • In the General Ledger area you will get to know the ins and outs of keeping accounting records as well as financial and tax reporting for the companies.
  • In the Account Payables area you will get familiar with the recording of documents confirming the purchase of products and services and with making payments in the SAP system.
  • The Receivables area gives you the knowledge, how to handle issues related to companies’ receivables. That is where you can become a specialist at settling bank statements, debt collection, complaint management or handling of factoring.

With us, you do not have to be afraid of "practicing " – the Accounting team is composed of many outgoing and very likable people, who willingly share their skills and help at every step of learning the ins and outs of the system.



IT is our electronical nervous system connecting the most distant parts of our „body”. It must be functional 24 hours per day, seven days a week and 365 days a year – our users must smoothly fulfill their daily tasks without any disruptions. The IT is a very dynamically developing area. New solutions and systems appear every day and we have to keep up with this trend and select those, that best support our snack business. The IT consists of three main areas:

  • The IT Systems Department  is responsible for the overall IT infrastructure and smooth functioning of computers, servers and network in all countries, where Lorenz  operates.
  • The Applications Department maintains and develops applications used in the company, including the SAP system, defines uniform standards for using systems and supports the users.
  • The Business Cooperation Department manages IT changes and projects, responds to the needs and expectations of internal customers, supports and promotes the implementation of new solutions.



This Lorenz Services department is responsible for developing economic analyses for the purposes of the company’s Management and other departments and reporting to the mother company. The objective of this department is to provide best possible financial information to those who take business decisions.


Administration Department   

Ensures that other departments have safe and pleasant working conditions. We provide suitable working tools for our employees and help to organise business meetings and trips