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Have you accomplished the second year of your study at the minimum? Do you speak German and/or English? Find out more about the internship at Lorenz!

Internship at our Financial and IT Service Centre in Sady near Poznań is a great opportunity for economy students. It takes one month between 1. June and 30. September each year. The recruitment process starts in April or May. During your internship you will have the possibility to get to know the Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and the General Ledger. German language is a must here.

The internship in our Production Plant in Stanowice near Wrocław we organize in summer as well, but the time and duration may also be agreed individually. The recruitment process starts in April and May and the minimum duration is one month. English language is required. You will see our production live, you will learn interesting technical and organizational solutions. You will have the opportunity to confront the knowledge from your study with best practices. If you appear as a passionate person with knowledge and skills we need, we will be happy to offer you a steady job.

The internship is a great opportunity to get familiar with our company and get convinced, that it is worth staying here for longer.

Intern - Production Intern - Accounting


Traineeship / Top Performers for the Future – a good idea for a good start

Are you just finished with your studies? Are you doing your last year of study and you know that you will be able to combine your study with full time work?


•your English is good (or German – for Accountancy)
•you enjoy working in team
•you are driven by new challenges
•you are open minded and have the necessary communication skills

In the 18-month traineeship you will learn our company, you will see how the most important areas work and – last but not least – you will meet interesting people – experts in their work. These acquaintances will be very helpful for your work in the future. You will realize your own traineeship project as well. For the time of your traineeship you will get a regular employment contract and remuneration – like any other full member of the Lorenz team!

You have got a wide choice! We are looking for trainees for Accountancy, Marketing, Sales, Production, Quality, Product Development and many other departments. Actual offers you will find in our job offers list.

Trainee - Continuous Improvement Trainee - R&D


Ambassador is a student – our representative at a university, that creates the image of our company in his environment, among students. Someone who helps us with organizing events, contacting students, distributing information about us, our recruitment processes or job fairs. And who gives us hints, how can we effectively reach those students that we are looking for.


•you have finished the 2. year of your study
•your English or German is good
•you like working with people, you are active in social media
•you engage in students organizations, special interest groups, volunteering etc.

… become the Ambassador of Lorenz!

You will get to know our company inside out – you will see the potato chips production live as well as their way to our consumers. You will meet true experts in various areas. You will compare the knowledge from your study with the practice in an enterprise. You will get experience in cooperation with real business. After your Ambassador function ends, you will receive a certificate and references.

All this will help you plan your future career.

Ambassador Wiktoria