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Magdalena Francuzik


intern at Lorenz Services, at present Accountant for International General Ledger

I graduated from Business Accounting and Finance at the University of Economics in Poznań. My adventure at Lorenz Services started after my fourth year, when I decided on doing a summer internship here.

Why did you decide on the trainee program at Lorenz Services?

During your study you acquire knowledge, meet new people, but also work for various organizations or research clubs. Though, with the time being you realize, that you more and more want and need to gain some experience and some skills that you will need to find your dream job. When I was studying Finance and Accountancy I decided on an internship in an Accountant Department. I chose Lorenz Services.

What areas have you got to know during your internship?

I could learn the work of all finance departments at Lorenz Services: Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and General Ledger. I could also deepen my knowledge in cash management, consolidation as well as investments and fixed assets.

What have you learnt during your internship at Lorenz Services?

Firstly, I had a great opportunity to implement my academic acquirements in practice. I could learn in detail the accountancy in both - Polish and foreign companies.

Why would you recommend the internship to your fellow students?

Being an intern at Lorenz Services you can learn a lot. The interns do not make coffee, they do not operate the copiers only. They are treated exactly the same as every other employee. I could always rely on the other team members. They were always eager to help me and give some hints.

What was the course of your career at Lorenz Services till now?

My internship was supposed to last one month but eventually me and my patrons agreed to extend it by two weeks. After that I was offered to stay and work as Junior Accountant for International General Ledger.

To whom would you recommend the internship?

Especially to economy students, as well as to persons who are interested in accountancy and finance and that see their future vocational careers on that field.

Has your previous image of an accountant been confirmed after the internship or has it rather changed?

I think it got confirmed. Exactly as I thought this is a very responsible position, that needs you to be very accurate and thorough. A lot of my friends think it is a boring job, but I do not agree. There is no space for boredom here, things are happening all the time, there is a lot of work to do and the time is running very fast.

What would you point out as the greatest advantages of working at Lorenz Services?

The biggest plus is the atmosphere around here. Despite the great workload you can always count on somebody else’s help. The company pays attention to the development of its employees offering them various training sessions in accountancy, finances, as well as mastering their language skills.