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Magdalena Reczuch


former intern in the production plant in Stanowice near Wrocław, works at present in the Production Department in the factory

My name is Małgorzata, I am a graduate of Engineering studies at the University of Economics in Wrocław, Faculty of Production Management and Engineering. Currently I continue my studies at the same faculty. I completed my internship in Lorenz Production Plant in September 2015. My tasks were related to physicochemical research in the seasoning area on the Sticks line.

Why did you decide on the internship at Lorenz?

I wanted to gain new skills, some experience and to broaden my knowledge. The production profile of the plant was convergent to the core of my study – food engineering. The internship was a great opportunity for me to get to know how a factory works, that produces one of the most popular brands in Poland.

What areas have you got to know during your internship?

My internship was conducted in the Production Department. Through projects, that I actively participated in, I could cooperate with the Maintenance, Laboratory and the Quality Department.

What projects have you participated in? What were your key tasks?

I was involved in a very imported project dealing with optimization of seasoning on two production lines – Chips and Sticks Lines. My task was to perform salt content examination in the products and to analyze the data I collected. Another important project was about rationalizing the packaging process of the finished products, where various analyses, checks and tests were performed. I also prepared standard operating procedures to support operators after changes on machines were introduced.

What have you learnt during your internship at Lorenz? What impressed you most?

I could implement my academic knowledge from my study in practice. I also developed in myself such features like accuracy and responsibility for the work I perform. The way the internship is structured allows you to have insight into the particular departments and - how the plant is working as a whole. Most impressive for me was the extraordinary friendly attitude of other employees towards an inexperienced intern. All the time I had the feeling that in case of any problem I will not be left alone with it. And I could count on the support of my patron all the time.

What would you tell your friends about your internship at Lorenz?

I recollect that time in my life as a very nice experience and I can truly recommend the internship to my friends. Some of them already declared their will to participate in the next edition of internships. This is a perfect offer for people like me – young and looking forward to start their vocational career as soon as during their study.

What was the course of your career at Lorenz till now?

In September 2015 I started the internship and this was the beginning of my cooperation with Lorenz that continues till now. At present I am an employee in the Production Department. I am involved in some new and very important for the factory projects relating to the optimization of operating the Chips and Sticks production lines. I worked closely to the Quality Department updating forms concerning the new version of Glass and Hard Plastic Control Lists, which is part of our HACCP system. I continue also my tasks related to optimizing the seasoning settings, that I started during my internship.

To whom would you recommend the internship at Lorenz?

To all people, who are interested in gaining new skills in a good organized factory. To people, who are eager to deepen their knowledge in production management and engineering. This company offers great development opportunities in a great range of specific fields, like ex. quality management, production process automation and optimization, quality research or logistics.