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Hanna Wawrzynska


former trainee, at present Leader to the Lorenz Germany Team, General Ledger

I graduated from Humboldt University in Berlin, Germany, where I studied Business Management, and as my leading courses I chose Corporate Finance as well as Accountancy and Audit. In my free time I love to travel and spend my time in an active way. My traineeship at Lorenz Services begun 2011.

Why did you decide on the trainee program at Lorenz Services?

As a last-year student I already knew that I would like to go for accountancy in my vocational career. And I was aware that understanding accountant processes is much easier if you know the business processes, that proceed in the company.

Participation in the trainee program “Top Performers for the Future" (TPF) was a chance to study in detail the processes in almost all departments in the company. It was a unique chance – I resolved that I cannot miss it.

My passion is learning foreign languages - so I was big on working in an international environment. Therefore, applying for the TPF traineeship was an obvious consequence of my plans and expectations.

What areas have you got to know during your traineeship?

I think it would be easier for me to answer the question what areas I have not got to know as a trainee :)

I remember, that on my first days at Lorenz I was in the Sales. Field work with our sales representatives (van-sellers) was a great experience to me. The next weeks I spent in Marketing, Category Management, Sales Planning and Analyses and Logistics.

The most impressing thing was for me the visit in our production plant in Stanowice. I have never seen such a great amount of potatoes on one spot, neither before nor after seeing the factory. I have seen there, what way must be covered by a potato, before it lands in a pack of chips.

The next stage of my traineeship concentrated around my primary employer - Lorenz Services. I could learn the work of Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and General Ledger in detail.

The last step was visiting Finance and Controlling in the two biggest Lorenz companies – Lorenz Poland and Lorenz Germany. In the headquarters of the latter, in Neu Isenburg, Germany, I spent the last 3 months of my traineeship.

What projects have you participated in? What were your key tasks?

The first and most important project, that I was involved in, was taking over the accounting services of our Egyptian company into Lorenz Services. I was very surprised that I was engaged in such an important project and given tasks, that not only required a lot of responsibility, but also perfectly suited my development plan. As a trainee after only a couple of months of work I took part in the processes of fixing, taking over and afterwards – testing the accountant processes.

Another projects that I was involved in related to the process optimization in Cash Management Department, as well as comparing the cost structure in the production plants of our German company. Engagement in every of these projects was an incredibly valuable experience to me - they developed not only my substantial knowledge, but also skills needed for working in project groups.

What have you learnt during your traineeship at Lorenz Services? What impressed you most?

First of all I gained very broad accountant expertise and I widened my general business knowledge a lot. I saw and I understood, what a huge work must be done and what processes must be triggered to place a pack of chips with Lorenz logo on a shelf in a store.

Why would you recommend Top Performers for the Future at Lorenz Services to your friends?

Because this is a great chance to develop in the field that you have chosen for yourself and – at the same time – to learn most of the processes running in the company.

The possibility to meet employees in various departments of the company and cull knowledge from the best experts are a huge capital for your vocational future.

What would you tell your friends about your traineeship at Lorenz Services?

My friends know it very well, that the traineeship was a great experience to me, that allowed me to start my professional career smoothly and successfully. I am sure they remember my excitement when I was telling them about my newest discoveries, projects, trips and acquaintances. And they remember the positive energy my work was giving me.

What was the course of your career at Lorenz Services till now?

After accomplishing the trainee program I was offered to join the team servicing Lorenz Germany as Junior Accountant in General Ledger. Since then I have been learning the accountant processes in German companies very intensively, cooperating with German speaking clients and participating in international projects. 9 months after I finished my traineeship I was promoted to Junior Leader to the Lorenz Germany Team in General Ledger.

To whom would you recommend the TPF program at Lorenz Services?

To ambitious graduates, who would like to work in accountancy in the broadest sense in the future. To people seeking fast development, professional challenges, excited about working in an international environment.

Has your previous image of an accountant been confirmed after the traineeship at Lorenz Services or has it rather changed?

Definitely confirmed. I always believed that accountancy is a fascinating field, that requires from you constant deepening and updating your knowledge, and as a consequence – it will never let you get bored. I remember that still as a trainee I was surprised by the advanced automation of the accountant processes and by the role that is played by newest accountant and IT software in the present-day accountancy. Now I can tell you with a great confidence that in nowadays accountancy it is all about not only financial law, but also about dealing with cutting-edge software. Key features of an accountant of today are in my opinion the willingness to understand automated activities and the ability to use a system as a tool for continuous improvement of processes.

What would you point out as the greatest advantages of working at Lorenz Services?

First of all - the possibility to develop continuously. I broaden my knowledge every day, I develop and use my skills and I learn foreign languages. What is also very important, I am surrounded by people with great expertise and experience, from whom I can benefit and who inspire me to develop myself. And maybe something that I should put at the very beginning – the extraordinary friendly working atmosphere in the company. But this is something that beggars description.