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What our entry-level colleagues have to say
Adrian Kowiel


former trainee, at present Junior Sales Manager for Key Account Group


Why did you decide on the traineeship at Lorenz?

First and foremost it was an opportunity to utilize my academic knowledge, clearly defined development path by the company as well as the market position of Lorenz in Poland and in Europe.

What areas have you got to know during your traineeship? Which were most interesting to you?

Trainees at Lorenz have the chance to get familiar with all areas in the company - to begin with the snack production and end with reaching the final consumer. Apart of the primary areas where I was supposed to accomplish my traineeship, the most interesting department was production of both – potato chips in Stanowice and salty bakery in Skawina.

What projects have you participated in? What were your key tasks?

Trainees at Lorenz are treated exactly the same as other employees, which allows you to work in a number of projects, both locally and internationally. The greatest challenge for me was doubtlessly the first project I was involved in - the optimization of assortment list. My tasks included analyses, calculations as well as final recommendations regarding the ultimate assortment lists for the modern and traditional sales channels. 

What have you learnt during your traineeship at Lorenz? What impressed you most?

There are a lot of factors that develop trainees at Lorenz. The most important for me was cooperation with people from various departments, on various positions, which certainly helps you to find your feet in such a company. What impressed me most was the complexity of processes in the company, as well as openness and understanding of my colleagues from other departments.

To whom would you recommend the TPF program at Lorenz?

To everyone who wants to be given impetus on the beginning of his vocational career, who wants to acquire new knowledge and master his skills and has clearly defined his future objectives. And finally: who is ready to reach the stars.

What would you tell your friends about the traineeship at Lorenz?

It is a great compendium of knowledge about an international company and the FMCG market, that will advance everyone, who is willing to work hard and learn.

What is in your opinion the main advantage for the TPF participants?

The opportunity to get to know the whole company and its market environment, the collaboration between departments, as well as numerous trainings and workshops that help you develop yourself.

Your advice for future trainees:

Derive all the best from your experienced colleagues and define clearly your development path.

What knowledge and skills should have trainees in your opinion?

The key feature is positive and open minded attitude towards people, as well as being ready for hard work, that will certainly come to fruition in the future.

What was the course of your career after you accomplished the trainee program?

For over 2 years I developed my skills in the area of Category Management. That is where I got familiar with managing the assortment and analyze consumers behavior. Then for about 1,5 years I worked for Trade Marketing, seeking for the best shopper solutions for our consumers, and for the last couple of months I keep working in Key Accounts Depatrment and I am responsible for achieving the sales targets of the company.

What is the foundation for your success at Lorenz?

This is a tough question;) I think the best to answer it would be my superiors and workmates.

I can tell you what my everyday attitude is - openness for facing new things as well as accuracy in performing my duties.