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Artur Matenko


former trainee, at present Production Manager

Why did you decide on the traineeship at Lorenz?

My trainee program Top Performers For The Future (TPF) in the Technical Department I started in November 2009, as a fledgling graduate from the Technical University in Wrocław. This is for sure a very important moment in life of every young men, because it can determine your vocational career in the next years. In my case it helped me a lot, that this was not my first professional job in a big production company. During my study I worked as Kaizen Leader at Toshiba Television Central Europe.

When I was making the decision on the traineeship at The Lorenz Bahlsen Snack-World, I wanted to work for a big production company, that is a serious player on the job market. The TPF seemed to me very interesting as well and rather unusual for other production companies. The prospect of being explained how almost every department in the company works, seemed to me as an additional bonus for the beginning of my vocational career. Today, after 7 years of working for Lorenz, I know, that that decision was right, and I would never learn in any other production company all I have learnt during the 18-month traineeship at Lorenz.

What areas have you got to know during your traineeship?

First 2 months I spent in the Lorenz Headquarters in Poznań, where I could make some experiences in such departments like Sales, Marketing, Logistics and Controlling. Let me remind you, that I have been doing my internship in the Technical Department so you can imagine how exotic it seemed to me. But the time I spent there was very useful for me because I learnt a lot of things that I could utilize in my work later on.

After 2 months I landed eventually in the production plant in Stanowice. Here I worked together with such departments like Production, Quality, Potato Management or Maintenance. This made me get in touch with a number of employees, with whom I worked together later in my career at Lorenz. Through projects run in these departments I could learn the specific manner of each of them. I see it very handy until now.

Later I had the opportunity to visit the other 3 Lorenz production plants: in Skawina near Cracow, as well as in Neunburg and Hankensbüttel in Germany.

What projects have you participated in? What were your key tasks?

Today, after 7 years of working at Lorenz, it is not possible to count the tasks and the projects any more. Even the trainee time, when my main task was to get familiar with the company, was filled with them. The 18-month traineeship was planned with a very accurate schedule and in each of the subsequent departments I had a particular project to accomplish. And this is why I could learn so much.

I graduated from a technical university so for me the most interesting experience was running the optimization projects in the Technical and Production Departments, like optimization of pallet wrappers, developing the new scheme of potato storage or implementing 5S in the technical warehouse.

What have you learnt during your traineeship at Lorenz? What impressed you most?

The first and in my opinion the most important thing is - how smooth work of the entire organization is determined by good cooperation between its many areas - to begin with the Sales, through Logistics, Corporate Planning, Controlling, Marketing, reaching also Potato Management, Quality, Maintenance and Production. I believe that this finding is priceless.

The second thing is – how to use your academic knowledge in practice. As already mentioned there were numerous projects and tasks realized during 18 months of the traineeship. Each of them provided me with experience and practical skills.

And what impressed me during my traineeship most and impresses me all the time in this company, is the openness and the commitment of people I meet here. I know that sometimes the collaboration is hard and the tasks are really challenging, but the working atmosphere in this company is just priceless.

What was the course of your career at Lorenz till now?

During the traineeship I worked in the Technical Department, and then in the Maintenance. After the traineeship I was offered the position of Junior Specialist in the newly established Continuous Improvement Department. This was my best time at Lorenz, because then I was responsible for running very important investment projects in the factory. After that I was promoted to the position of Total Productive Maintenance Coordinator and I accounted for implementing the system in the entire production plant. After one year I became Production Hall Manager and I managed the biggest production line in the factory. After next 18 months I was promoted to Maintenance Department Manager and I was responsible for the entire machinery in the factory in Stanowice and for all technical workers. After nearly a year I was promoted to Production Manager and I was responsible for Production and Maintenance Department. In June 2018 my scope of duties was extended to new areas and currently I am responsible for six organization units in the production plant in Stanowice.

Why would you recommend the TPF program at Lorenz and to whom?

Why – because it’s the only one of its kind. I do not know any other company that would allow a newly hired employee to keep learning the whole company for 18 months. And – this is not accomplished through listening to boring lectures, but through active participation in a number of tasks and projects. The TPF internship is the best way to start your career in a large and well-established company.

To whom – to all students and graduates, that want to start their vocational career in a company with a great working atmosphere, where people are open-minded and committed.