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Lorenz Ambassador at the University of Economics in Poznań

I am 21 years old and I am studying third year of Finance and Accounting in Business at Poznań University of Economics and Business. My specialization is Capital Investments and Financial Strategies of Companies.


What made you take on the role of ambassador?
I believe that studies are the best time for doing something more. Only learning or partying will not develop yourself so much, I think. I’m a person who loves contact with people, and doing something for them as well, that’s why I engage myself so much during studies. I like when a lot of things are happening around me, when I have a concrete work/project to do and a clearly set goal. I found that besides my work in the student self-government, I would like also to become an active participant of the labour market. When a possibility of cooperation with Lorenz appeared, I didn’t hesitate long and applied right away, because a) I’ve known the brand for a long time, b) I like Lorenz products, c) I would like to be actively involved in promoting the company at the University, so that its presence becomes even more noticed.

How did you learn about the ambassador’s role in our company?       
I learned about the possibility of becoming Lorenz Ambassador during Job Spot fair at the University of Economics. Like many of my acquaintances, I was thinking of being an ambassador in the third year of my studies and I chose Lorenz because of my special liking for the company and its multiple merits.

What are your ideas to fulfil the role of ambassador? 
I have experience in cooperation with partners from business environment, including also activities taking place at the University. What’s more, as a member of the Student Parliament and a representative of students in the Management Faculty Council, I have much easier contact with the University authorities and other decision-makers. I would like to use the potential of the projects ran by student organisations and students’ scientific associations at the University (and there is quite a lot of them) and invite the organizers to cooperate with Lorenz and to create in students a feeling that Lorenz is a “friend” of students.

What do you think, what benefits can you draw from fulfilling this function?
The biggest benefit is to develop myself, have an opportunity to get to know the work in a company with established position on the market, learn skills needed on the labour market, and can eat every available flavour of Crunchips :-)

What was the most interesting task that you’ve done so far as Lorenz Ambassador?      
Participation in the Career Days at Poznań International Fair. In the past I attended the Days as a student looking for interesting traineeship offers, and this time I could advise colleagues from the employer’s side. It was a very interesting and valuable experience, I had to be well prepared, so that no question could surprise me. A lot of people interested in working at Lorenz visited our stand, so I find that day as a very successful one in my Ambassador’s work 

How people can get in touch with you?
During the week I’m available at the University. If you have any questions, please send me an e-mail at, I will surely answer you.